Have you ever thought about doing a mountain bike tour in New Mexico?

Are you new to mountain biking? You want to get into mountain biking?

You just want to get in shape and you think riding a mountain bike will do the trick? Did your doctor tell you that you better lose some weight or you’ll have a heart attack?

Have you just moved to New Mexico or are going to be visiting and would like to do a mountain bike tour?

You’ve watched some Red Bull videos and think it’s for you?

Or maybe you’ve been a roadie for decades and want to venture into the knobby tire scene?

Whatever the reason, Mountain Bike NM is the place for you. We have beginner tours for the relatively out of shape guy or gal that wants some thrill and excitement to go into their prescribed exercise regimen. Studies show that it is healthy to add some adrenalin to your workouts.

Every tour is different. We personalize each tour to the individuals we have riding with us. We can’t guarantee what will happen on each ride. Sometimes we get surprised with some totally unexpected things like we did on this tour with Dennis.

One thing is sure. You will have fun.
We will provide a bike for you. All our bikes are valued at around $3500. This will allow you to experience a fun ride on a bike that won’t break down. No Walmart Huffy here. Each tour will include a skills session based on your needs.

We will take you on the type of single track terrain that you want to ride. Anything from slight ups and downs with minor technical on up to some good gnarly stuff…if you’re up to it. Don’t worry, no Red Bull Rampage on our tours. We keep everything safe. We would hate to rush you to the emergency room.


  • Very friendly and supportive guides
  • Bike rental of a VERY nice bike
  • Helmet
  • Pack of energy chews
  • 30 minute skills clinic
  • 2-4 hour trail ride
  • Cool beverage and yummy snack at the end
  • Photos and video clips of your ride
So what are you waiting for? Click on one of the links to the right and pick a date for your next mountain bike tour in New Mexico.
 Placitas Beginners Tour June 24, 2017
 Placitas Beginners Tour June 24, 2017