My name is Brad Fackrell. I’m a lover of health and fitness. While attending Chiropractic College in the 1990’s I got my first road bike. I raced as an amateur and loved to spend hours on my bike training, climbing that next hill, getting to the top and then looking out over the expanse at often incredible views. I was very skinny and very fit as far as Roadies go. It was not uncommon for me to log over 5000 miles a year and sometimes do rides lasting 5-7 hours. I was an endurance junkie.

I have always researched health and not been afraid to try new and weird things. I was a vegetarian/vegan for over 5 years. That’s pretty weird. I started experiencing some health challenges with that lifestyle in spite of my fitness regimen and decided it was time to start eating meat again.

Then around 2010 I found CrossFit, weight lifting and the Paleo lifestyle. I gained some very needed weight and once again improved my overall health. All the while I anticipated the next 2-4 hour bike ride on smooth roads.

A few years later I met this cool guy named Jess who was also into fitness. I borrowed a mountain bike and he took me out on some crazy trails and realized that it’s much more challenging to navigate rocks and actually steer a bike. He was patient and waited for me to catch up frequently. I felt the need to redeem myself and prove to him that I was good at something so I devised a plan to get him on a road bike. I remember once I hooked him up with a road bike and we rode together. I pulled him along and went just fast enough for him to keep up with me but pushed him hard enough to prove my dominance…at least in my mind. I tried to convince him that he needed to buy a road bike. That was the last time we rode road bikes together.

I ended up borrowing a mountain bike occasionally and we took a few road trips checking out new places to mountain bike. I became hooked and ended up buying a mountain bike and found out the reason I worked so hard to be fit. I still lift weights and workout regularly but live for hitting the mountain bike trails on the weekend. I even sometimes manage to squeeze a mid-week ride or two in.

I love this sport so much and am excited to help the new mountain biker experience the thrill. It’s also very satisfying to hit the trails with experienced mountain bikers that are new to New Mexico and just don’t know the trails. I work on my skills every time I ride and love to ride with those who can shred better than me. I do my best to stay fit and keep up with Jess.